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E-mails Introduction

What is Email?
I expect you to be smart enough to know this! But one thing you might not know. The @ in an email is read as at, not alias! The email username@domainname.com is read as "username AT domain name DOT com".
Create Email Account Under Your New Domain Name:
Most people have a Yahoo or Hotmail email account. I believe you have one too. If you have registered a domain name and have purchased a hosting account, you can now have a brand new email account under your own domain name! What I mean is, when you purchase a hosting account, email is always included! You always have the ability to create email accounts after you buy a hosting account. But the numbers of email accounts you can create depend on the hosting plan you selected. Some offer only 1 email account while other such as Lunar Pages offer unlimited email accounts!
If you have registered a domain name but have no intention to make a website yet, you can still purchase a hosting account just for email purposes. For example if you registered a domain name myfamily.com, you can order a hosting account just for creating email accounts. For example, you can create myself@myfamily.com, mywife@myfamily.com, mykid@myfamily.com and mydog@myfamily.com if you have trained your dog to check email. Since you don't have a website yet, people will see a blank website or "under construction" page when they log on to myfamily.com.

How Do I Send and Check My Email?

After you have created your new email accounts, there are 2 ways to manage your email. I will start with:
1- Web Interface (Web-Based Email)
You can do you mailing (sending, checking, manage address book ....) directly with your web browser. You fire up your favorite web browser, say Internet Explorer and log on with your username and password and you can start mailing. Yahoo Mail and Hotmail are good examples of web-based email. You can check your email everywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.
The web interface is provided by your web host and they indeed look a lot different than Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. There are a few common interfaces. Lunar Pages is using Horde and Squirrel Mail, while icons is using @Mail. Using web interface is slow because you need to continuously making connections with the mail server. Web interface also have limited features. The better way to manage your email is by using an ...

2- Email Client (Email Software):
The most popular email clients are Outlook Express and Eudora. Outlook Express is free and come with Microsoft Windows so you probably already have this in your computer. Eudora have both free and paid version. Free versions are supported by advertisement. I am a big fan of Eudora and have been using it for more than 10 years.
To do you’re mailing with your email client. You simply configure it by adding:
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Host SMTP Server
  • Your Username
  • Your Host POP Server
  • After that, you can start you mailing immediately! The POP server and SMTP server information are provided by your web host and is always included in your welcome email. That's why your should always keep your welcome email safe and NEVER delete it!
    Cut it short, your POP server (Post Office Protocol) play the role in receiving and storing your emails while SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) in charge of sending out emails for you.
    When someone sends you an email, it is stored in the POP server until you retrieve it. Once you retrieve it to your email client, it will be deleted from the server. Your mail is now available in your computer. You can read it, reply to it, forward to someone else or delete it. You can also choose to keep the email on the server by configuring your email client but usually you don't need to unless you want to retrieve your emails to multiple computer (office and home; PC and laptop).
    You might wonder why the word "Client" is used. If you are dining in a restaurant, you are the "client" and the waitress is your "server". The same thing happens in the internet where servers do the serving while clients are served. In the context we are discussing so far, you email client is served by the email servers, which are the POP server and SMTP server. Other examples of server client relationship are website where we have a web server and a web client, which is your web browser. If you use chatting software like ICQ , AOL, Microsoft messenger or Yahoo messenger, they are the clients and are served by their respective chat servers.

    Interchange between Client and Web Interface

    You can still check your email through the web interface even most of the time you are using your email client. When you are traveling, you can easily check for new emails as long as you are provided with internet access. You can also send email through the web interface. Of course, you can only check for new emails as an old email which has been retrieved to your email client will no longer be available. Remember that emails stay in the server until you retrieve them to your email client. Through the web interface, you can only read the emails that are still in the server.
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